Saying goodbye to Craig

After enjoying 7 days at Tully East Racing, building a state of the art Salt Room for Alan Fleming and Barry Connell, Craig has returned home (reluctantly)!  He has been well looked after at the beautiful Keadeen accommodation, been shown the most amazing Taverns (and taste tested at every one of them) and met some amazing people.

Horses get only the best at Tully East Racing.

Craig doing some ‘corking’ near ‘Cork’!

I will be staying on to put some finishing touches to the Salt room and ensure the staff are well equipped with operating the rooms by providing comprehensive training sessions over the next week.  Melissa will be joining me next week to assist in this process (so she says).  I’m sure she simply feels like she’s missing out on all that Ireland has to offer and has used this as the perfect excuse to fly over!!  Who can blame her really.

View from the car on the way to Tully East.

As you can see from the above pic Co. Kildare is producing lots of white powder.  Might have to ditch the car and ski into Tully East instead.

Have been lucky enough to address Horse Racing Ireland who held a function at Keadeen Hotel.  Gave them some brochures, business cards and our Equine Salt Beanies (a hit here in Ireland).

Tully East Racing is an amazing facility for horses.  Checkout this video of Alan Fleming as he discusses Gwencily Berbas’ preparation for this year’s Cheltenham festival.

The Salt Room is nearly ready for horses so stay tuned for more pics to come.





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