Hosted by The Royal Veterinary College on Wednesday the 18th October 2017 the Horse Tech Conference was an immersive day of learning and networking with leaders from the global Sport Horse industry who are utilizing technology to breed and train champions. It was truly an honor to be asked to participate in this groundbreaking inaugural event. The organiser’s David Doherty and chair Phoebe Bright coordinated a seamless experience both for presenters and I am sure the greater viewing audience.

The meeting was hosted by the (RVC) Royal Veterinary College in Central London  Established in 1791 the College marked the establishment of the Veterinary profession in Britain and it has been working continuously since this time to ground in science how we care for the health and welfare needs of horses and other animals.


It’s at the RVC where I begin this blog at absolute labyrinth of fascination for a lay person like myself. The convergence of new breakout hub areas for the millennials and the ancient artifacts of carefully preserved remains of everything from Giant Elephants complete skeletons to the much-loved Fox Hunter (1952 Helsinki) England’s first Olympic Gold medalist. The perfect platform from which our Health Consultant David Doherty emerged as a 10-year-old starting out his journey at RVC youthful enthusiasm meets tradition head on. David’s vision for Horse Tech could not come at a better time connecting innovative commercially successful projects with facilities equipped to make meaningful change with all the hallmarks of that 10 year old boy putting back something significant 30 years after he first stepped foot in this very building.

Later in this Blog I will get to the various presenters at Horse Tech and the interesting stories of perseverance, there will be a link to the presentations where you can learn about DNA, biomechanics, respiratory significance & a gritty truck driver that developed an Equine lighting program. I want to first talk about the intrinsic connection between Horse Tech and human health, firstly it is far simpler to prove innovative health concepts via the innovative Horse Tech world. 1. They are more willing to participate 2. It takes a fraction of the time to prove with less red tape 3. If your idea is good, it will cover patent fees & global expansion.  This Trojan Horse approach may filter out into human health well refined projects requiring minimal tweaking.

Ex British PM David Cameron alerted the world to the three trillion-dollar ABX Stewardship problem before he took a right turn at wrong town relegating himself to the Brexit badlands. The significance of all of this is what was uncovered was the extent of sub therapeutic antibiotic use in livestock and the unfilterable pharmaceutical residues in our waterways. Here again human health effected by animal health. The USA swine & poultry use of antibiotics outweighs all human health usage. First line antimicrobial initiatives for livestock’s basic day to day respiratory and skin issues may reduce dependence on precious antibiotics not replace them but assist in preserving them. There is now a third way (The innate system) the system within. Equine Salt Therapy activates the horse’s own mucuscilliary elevator clearing mucus in record time without drugs.  The Thoroughbred is the Formula 1 of the animal Kingdom your car has ABS & Traction control all developed in F1. These Horse Tech initiatives have the potential to filter down technology in much the same way. Our Patent is for all animals.  What we prove in horses will enable a vast array of modalities to ride on the horses back into farming & companion animals taking pressure off antibiotics, preserving them for when they are needed most.

When human health is thrown a curve ball such as resistance to antibiotics and superbugs and people are being told sorry there is nothing more we can do for your perfectly healthy child that is about  to die from a common Urinary Tract Infection we need to stand up and take notice. There may be some valuable resources that have a 6 year head start offering safe effective ways to reduce medication & you never know they may also have 96 other shovel ready projects that can also make a significant contribution to the reduction of precious antibiotics too! Without initiatives like Horse Tech the gap will never be bridged between the learnings in Equine Science and human medicin The attached link shows all the presentations at this years conference.  A special mention to  Sam from Equilux Lighting for stealing the show at Horse Tech. Whilst Equine Salt Therapy has been using ultraviolet lighting in our permanent installs to maintain medical grade standards from humble beginnings, Sam has convinced me to take his system under our wing for our Australasian clients. Melbourne Cup results first & second prepped on this system 64 group ones in 7 countries& no less than 10 sale toppers in 2 years was enough for me to join forces in naturopathy at its best if you want the natural advantage of Equine Salt Therapy & Equilux lighting I can be emailed direct via

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