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Salt Particle Effects

The overarching brand of Equine Salt Therapy treatment salts and patented technologies is known as Ultisalt(TM).

This patented dry salt aerosol delivery system assists with high performance, rapid recovery and wellbeing by creating favourable conditions for achieving success in equine athletes.

The fine mist of treatment salt that is distributed through the room via a halo-generator creates a microclimate that is similar to a surf beach or waterfall.

The treatment takes fifteen minutes and it is recommended to be performed over three consecutive days. It is natural, non-invasive and provides a dual solution to common day to day horse complaints.



Salt Particles – Effectiveness

The overarching brand of Equine Salt Therapy treatment salts and patented technologies is known as Ultisalt (TM). Since commencing Equine Salt Therapy in 2012 vets, equine physiotherapists and trainers have seen firsthand the benefits of this treatment and speak for its effectiveness. A clinical trial is soon to commence with Melbourne & Sydney University across the three codes of racing.

Patented Technology

WE used

Our Salt – Not Just Any Salt It’s ULTISALT™

Our salt is Australian made. It has been formulated under the guidance of qualified equine vets and complies with the high standards of the salt therapy association and is of a high-grade quality and is safe and effective.

Our patented dry salt aerosol delivery system assists with high performance, rapid recovery and ultimate wellbeing, creating favourable conditions for achieving success as an equine athlete.

Our patent extends to all livestock; we are undertaking clinical trials to quantify the benefits of salt therapy for broader animal kingdom.

Patent No. TR2006/01732Y.
Pat. Pend. 2012904490.

Innovative Business Opportunities

Create and manage your lifestyle by owning your own business.

An exciting opportunity is now available to own and operate your own Mobile Equine Salt Therapy business. We are looking for passionate, driven and engaging people to deliver our patented salt therapy system to the broader horse community. Limited geographical areas are available.

Amazing advantages include: Full training provided, no competition, medication free offering, patented technology and more!


Partnership Opportunities

Equine Salt Therapy is open to national and international partnerships. Simply use the link below to contact us. We are always on the look out for like-minded people. Create your own lifestyle and follow your passion for animal welfare.


Mobile Salt Rooms

Our ‘portable’ salt rooms are now available for on-site treatment. This allows us to increase our reach in providing equine salt treatment across Australia. Further information will be provided on our blog, so stay tuned for updates on progress and business opportunities.


Companion ANIMALS & livestock

We are currently using human paediatric studies while we establish Salt Therapy for companion animals. These studies compare lung sizes and respiratory issues to determine accurate, safe and effective treatment protocols. We are proud to be the first company to develop portable Salt Therapy Rooms for companion animals and all livestock.


  • Equine Salt Therapy is a great natural training aid that does not upset the horses preparation when dealing with lung and skin issues.

    Mick Kent
    Mick KentGroup Level Trainer Cranbourne Turf Club
  • Salt Therapy was a very positive addition to what we can offer the horses and give a greater degree of possibility of success for the clients. The sole reason we got one horse back on track was the Salt Therapy after the 12 months of being very sick and it is performing better than ever. It's certainly a very positive treatment for our stable.

    Anthony Cummings
    Anthony CummingsFive and a Half Star & Shadows in the Sun
  • We've been using Salt Therapy over the last couple of years and found it to be very beneficial especially for horses with mucus issues. It's alleviated the need for antibiotic. Just recently, we took the horses into the salt room pre-race, for 3-4 days just to make sure that we covered all the bases. We'll keep using it for sure.

    Michael Hibbs
    Michael HibbsCranbourne Turf Club
  • Like a lot of this with training... This is one of those percentage things. You hear of so many horses pulling up after a race being disappointed by a bit of mucus in their trachea after the race. Like Polanski, week leading up to the Derby he was in the salt room, so we can take him there 100% right.

    Robbie Laing
    Robbie LaingPolanski & Lord of the Sky

Help your horse reach its ultimate potential

Equine Salt Therapy specialises in the high performance equine athlete available to registered trainers and affiliated equine professionals. If your horses are suffering from skin conditions or respiratory illnesses, or you just wish to improve the on track, training and recovery of your horses then Equine Salt Therapy can assist.