“The moment i discovered the warriors of the AFL  were using salt therapy for recovery my thoughts immediately turned to the thoroughbred racehorse.”

Talk to any Olympic athlete and they will tell you that as much planning goes into sleep as does training.

It is no wonder our swimmers have had issues with sleeping tablets in recent years given the focus on sleep.

Most common feedback from salt therapy is improved breathing & sleep!


Origins Of Salt therapy

Alexander The Great

Way back in 325 BC, when he wasn’t building empires, Alexander the Great was discovering the benefits of salt therapy for both humans and animals.

During his rampage through Asia, Alexander and his army of men and their horses were resting in Khewra, modern day Pakistan. It was here that they noticed some of the horses licking the stones on the ground. At the time, he and his men, as well as their horses, were weary and dying from a lack of salt minerals, so they started ingesting the salt. Not only did this event lead to their recovery to health, and the discovery of the Khewra Salt Mine, but it is also said to be the very beginning of salt therapy as we know it today.



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