Well the weather has turned nasty!  Freezing cold winds, snow and icy underfoot means we need to watch our step.  This has added to the pressure of building a first class Salt Room for the Tully East Racing Stable but we are determined to not  let mother nature win this battle as we fend off imitations.

We find laughter is the best medicine to keep warm!

Now touted as the “worlds number 1 composite man”, Craig has had to delay his flight home on Wednesday as we lost a day due to wet conditions. Craig is a perfectionist and will simply not go home until the job is 100% perfect.


Proud to have our logo here at Tully East Racing.

Craig was rewarded for his efforts over the first couple of days by an invitation to attend the Leopardstown Races. We were lucky enough to be invited by Alan Fleming and Barry Connell into the Leopardstown Lounge enabling us to meet with some of the country’s elite racing fraternity.

An afternoon at Leopardstown.

Here in Ireland some things are customary. Things from owning a peacock to roam around your backyard to having both black and white pudding everyday for breakfast.  We quickly learnt this was necessary to fuel the energy required to withstand the freezing cold.

Beware of imitations!

Whilst here in Ireland we have learnt from trainers and strappers that someone else is going around selling the very treatment method and apparatus we invented.  It is our duty to ensure all horses using our product are treated professionally under the guidance of vets who have prescribed correct dosages and allocated exact treatment durations.  Please be aware of imitators as they can potentially do more harm than good.  We will do our best to promote our genuine Salt Therapy Treatment while we are here to ensure all horses are offered the very best care to allow them to perform, recover and livewell. If you hear of anyone other than Equine Salt Therapy operating out of a stable with salt therapy then please let us know.

Stay tuned for more blogs as we continue our journey in Ireland.



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