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The treatment suits horses who are suffering from respiratory or skin conditions. It is ideal for the ‘warrior’ style horse that competes on a regular basis and is useful for both pre and post racing. Additionally, we often see great results in older horses who may be suffering from depletion in mineral salts and rejuvenation of the cells that are lost in their day to day workloads.  Our unique technology and the use of Ultisalt (TM) formula allows us to achieve rapid hydration with essential mineral salts (akin to having an intravenous saline treatment in humans) in a non invasive, dry salt environment.


Medication Free Therapy

The use of Equine Salt Therapy reduces the reliance on antibiotics and often harmful medications. Our salt rooms provide a natural healing environment, putting no undue pressure on the horse by providing a stress free treatment experience. Due to its natural nature salt therapy is an ideal pre-race treatment as the sodium chloride hydrates cells which aids the horse to rest, recover and perform better.


Lower Airway Disease

L.A.D is fairly common and often undiagnosed in horses that are usually retired from racing for poor performance. A recent UK study indicates a link between poor performance and undiagnosed L.A.D. Our fine salt particles are ingested deep into the horses lower airway and successfully targeting L.A.D.


Rapid Skin Rash Clearance

Horses are susceptible to various skin complaints such as dermatitis, boils, mud-fever and ringworm. In salt rooms a microclimate environment is created and when the salt settles on the coat it is drawn into the skin. The salt then has an antibacterial affect which successfully treats skin conditions.


Performance enhancer

Equine Salt Therapy has improved the on and off track performances of many equine athletes in the world. Not only does it complement pre and post race treatments, but Salt Therapy has shown lifelong wellbeing and health benefits. Equine Salt Therapy is part of the training routine of many high profile horses and stables.


Salt particles – effectiveness

The overarching brand of Equine Salt Therapy treatment salts and patented technologies is known as Ultisalt (TM). Since commencing Equine Salt Therapy in 2012 vets, equine physiotherapists and trainers have seen firsthand the benefits of this treatment and speak for its effectiveness. A clinical trial has commenced with Melbourne & Sydney University across the three codes of racing.


companion animals & livestock

We are currently using human paediatric studies while we establish Salt Therapy for companion animals. These studies compare lung sizes and respiratory issues to determine accurate, safe and effective treatment protocols. We are proud to be the first company to develop portable Salt Therapy Rooms for companion animals and all livestock.

recovery from mineral salt depletion

Salt Room Treatment

Mineral salt rooms consist of sanitised salt encrusted walls and floors that assist in the retention of all essential trace element vapours. These are inhaled naturally by the horse using calculated doses.

The climate is not unlike that of a surf beach, rainforest or waterfall where the negative ions omitted by the water in the air work as a natural decongestant and antibacterial. This is particularly effective for horses that are exposed to harmful positive ions in stables for a significant part of their lives.

The salt rooms are set up in such a way that all the horse needs to do is stand in the stable and as it breathes it is ingesting the salt in the air and also absorbing via the coat.

Fifteen minutes on three consecutive days can see a horse recover from mineral salt depletion.


Watch Richard
Speak About Therapy

Richard is passionate about animal welfare, skills and knowledge of horses, and the racing industry. He takes pride in assisting trainers to get the best out of their horses via Equine Salt Therapy. He knows that the results speak for themselves and continues to provide the value add of Equine Salt Therapy in stables across Australia.


  • Equine Salt Therapy is a great natural training aid that does not upset the horses preparation when dealing with lung and skin issues.

    Mick Kent
    Mick KentGroup Level Trainer Cranbourne Turf Club
  • Salt Therapy was a very positive addition to what we can offer the horses and give a greater degree of possibility of success for the clients. The sole reason we got one horse back on track was the Salt Therapy after the 12 months of being very sick and it is performing better than ever. It's certainly a very positive treatment for our stable.

    Anthony Cummings
    Anthony CummingsFive and a Half Star & Shadows in the Sun
  • We've been using Salt Therapy over the last couple of years and found it to be very beneficial especially for horses with mucus issues. It's alleviated the need for antibiotic. Just recently, we took the horses into the salt room pre-race, for 3-4 days just to make sure that we covered all the bases. We'll keep using it for sure.

    Michael Hibbs
    Michael HibbsCranbourne Turf Club
  • Like a lot of this with training... This is one of those percentage things. You hear of so many horses pulling up after a race being disappointed by a bit of mucus in their trachea after the race. Like Polanski, week leading up to the Derby he was in the salt room, so we can take him there 100% right.

    Robbie Laing
    Robbie LaingPolanski & Lord of the Sky

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Equine Salt Therapy specialises in the high performance equine athlete available to registered trainers and affiliated equine professionals. If your horses are suffering from skin conditions or respiratory illnesses, or you just wish to improve the on track, training and recovery of your horses then Equine Salt Therapy can assist.